Criteo Commerce Academy – Agency Challenge

Calling all agency professionals! Sign up now for the Agency Challenge. Grow your skillset, gain certifications & win prizes worth >$5,000!



 How to sign up


What to expect in your Criteo Commerce Academy learning journey?

The Criteo Commerce Academy is a global training program where you can get certified on Criteo platforms and solutions, and learn about programmatic advertising, retail media, and commerce media, all in one place! 


As part of the Challenge, you'll have to complete 3 compulsory certification courses (& more to come!) that will help you advance your career in digital advertising and succeed in achieving your marketing goals. 


Each course includes several modules, designed for you to learn at your own pace with practical business scenarios, followed by assessments. 


Tip!: Score extra points by completing modules from the Learning Library, attending webinars that will be released, or participating in any surprise activities that will be communicated.



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via: